Luxury Bedding With Cultiver

No matter how you look at it, the bedroom is one of the most important spaces in any home. From a functional standpoint, they both tend to be (and need to be) the most relaxing spaces that we have. We may have other rooms in our home that are just as good when we’re looking for a place to unwind, but when we’re really looking to switch off and detach from the outside world, there’s just no better place to accomplish that than in the bedroom. At the same time, when we look at the home through a designer’s eye, we find again that the bedroom stands very near the top of our list of designable spaces. In most cases, our bedrooms are second only to our living rooms in terms of the sheer number of possibilities for furnishings, textiles, art and other accessories. But even more than is true for living rooms, a well-designed bedroom can be good for more than just your eye.

For years, scientific studies have shown time and again that sleep and stress relief are both crucial elements in maintaining our health, and a well designed bedroom can provide both. Combine that with a seemingly limitless number of options for headboards, bedding, lighting and everything else that can make a room glow, and you’ve got the sort of space that designers dream of. That’s what makes bedrooms so much fun to decorate, and why a beautifully designed bedroom is always worth the investment of time and creativity (and sometimes even money). But the best part of decorating any bedroom is finding ways to give it that sense of luxury and style that we expect to find only in palatial homes or glamorous hotels. And it doesn’t take millions of dollars or a luxury designer to make your bedroom feel like it’s fit for the stars. In fact, all you really need, is the right bedding.


It’s no surprise that the bed is always the center of attention in any bedroom. And the center of attention on the bed is almost always going to be the bedding (though there are a few headboards that can give bedding a run for its money). So whatever the look or feel that you’re trying to create, the bed is always the place to start and the bedding is usually your best bet. That’s great news because it means that you don’t need to tackle the entire room to change the look of your bedroom. Instead, all you need is the right bedding that can take your bedroom from flat to drop dead gorgeous in no time at all. So the only question now is, “How do I find the right bedding?” Well, I’m glad you asked. In fact, I was just wondering the same thing. So to give us all a better perspective on how to bring a bit more glam to our bedsheets, I decided to talk with Nicolle Sullivan, bedding guru and CEO at Cultiver. They gave me the facts on how to spot the five key elements that make for the kind of amazing, top-of-the-line, luxury bedding that will take your decor to new places while being so comfortable that you’ll never have to count another sheep again. The one little hint I can give you right now: thread count has nothing to do with it.